Anthem 1


Originally uploaded by Ben Love

Thought I’d throw up a picture of my race bike with a THANKS to Ross over at Sun Country Bikes in Texas for setting me up with a rad bike. I’m a bit of a closet bike geek (not even all that closeted, to be honest). Sometimes I think I must be autistic or something because often times I just hang out in my garage and look at my bikes at night, sometimes for an hour just hanging out in the garage looking at them. Seriously, I think the Professor even gets jealous sometimes. I sit there and contemplate different stem/bar combos, pedals, tire combinations, what if I flip the stem and move it up a spacer, what if I remove every other bolt on my rotors for the race, and blah blah blah… See, it’s bad. Anyway, one of my favorite parts of my bike is the wheelset, which I had custom made by Dave at SpeedDreams. 1375g for the pair, that’s light. And with a Set of Conti Supersonics, damn they spin up stuff quick. I love riding my bike with my Dave wheels, but save them for races. Psychologically, I like how it feels the night before a race as I put these wheels on my bike. They create a bit of an expectation and I get a little giddy. I don’t understand why the Professor gets jealous…


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