Ahh, Memory Lane…

I was going through some of my old photos and found some truly precious shots.

It takes a lot of work to look this stylish.

It takes a lot of work to look this stylish.

Being 6’4″ and 155 lbs makes it really tough to look normal. Especially when your as uncoordinated (at least off the bike, wright?…wrrriiight…) as I am in daily life. Though it doesn’t look like I was doing myself any favors with those orange Oakleys.

Another shot I found:

This is probably late 90’s. I think I’m the fourth over from the left with the blue helmet. But that’s not why it’s here. I saw this photo and one thought came to mind; Where the f@$&k did you guys go? I mean, look at how many people are lined up to start a sport race. This was when we would wake up at the crack, drive 3-5 hours one way (nothing is close to home in a state as big as TX) to do a 1.5 hr sport race, and there would be like 800 people there all doing the same thing. Now I drive to Big Bear to race (2 hours from one of the nations largest cities) and race against 9 guys. Really, Play Station and internet porn don’t take that much free time. It’s still fun to race off-road.

But now it’s time to offset the bitter with the sweet…

Funny story about this beer which I’m sure N and T will be pleased to find. They came to stay with us for a night to go diving the next day. On the way over, they stopped at BevMo to get some sweet nectar. Apparently, BevMo was selling “mystery boxes” for $15 and NnT were told they wouldn’t be disappointed. The box was comprised of mostly Bud longnecks with a few choice cans of such favorites as PBR and the like. There was of course, a single can of Guinness for those who might raise a nose to such delights. Frankly, this box has Cross season written all over it. I’m sealing it back up and waiting three weeks for cross season to start, where such treasure can really be appreciated.


One Response to “Ahh, Memory Lane…”

  1. That seems to be a perfect use for those beers…

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