I smell cross season.

The cross bike

Cross season is approaching fast. And since I have pretty much zero experience cross racing, I figured I should compensate for a lack of skill by setting up a sick bike. It breaks down like this:

Conquest Pro frame/fork 60cm, 12cm stem
Dura Ace drivetrain with, XT BB, XTR pedals
46/39 front, 12-25 rear
Zipp 303 tubulars
Challenge Griffos 32
King headset
Specialized Sworks Carbon H.B.
EA70 carbon post
Old Deore front / Avid Tri-Align rear brakes


I tried to like Eggbeater pedals because they are so light, but in the end, I switched back to SPD’s.

I built it from the ground up with the frame I got from Ross at Sun Country Bikes in TX. It has some touches I really like.
The cross bike
Like the oldschool front brakes with Ti bolts.
The cross bike
and the rear Tri Align brakes with my ho-made straddle cable on the back.
The cross bike
I also like the front end. I tried to put an Alpha Q fork on, but the steerer tube was a little too short. The stock fork is only 50g heavier, but I think the Q would have been stiffer. I get a lot of chatter with the stock fork, but maybe that’s normal. I drilled holes into the brake hanger myself. And the Campy top cap is pimp. When someone is worried about what top cap they run, you know they didn’t show up to fuck around.

I’m starting to get pretty excited. I still have that box of PBR’s in the closet…waiting.


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