A friend and I drove 10hrs round trip to watch a 1hr bike race.


Dave actually wrote a pretty good report about the whole thing here and I put up a bunch of pictures here so I won’t bore you with the details so much.

We hopped in the car ’round 3pm from San Diego and made the 5 hour drive to Vegas to watch a one hour bike race. Snacks, coffee, and a fully charged iPod made for a proper road trip through the desert. We managed to get to Vegas at 8 on the dot and found parking easily. Maybe skinny-legged bike racers aren’t as interesting as strippers. Once at the course, the crowds were pretty thick. DPP_77009

And pretty fired up, too.


The riders were called up based on their rank to mass at the line with a cheering crowd.


It was all nerves at the front. Dave and my Celo Pacific team mate, Brent Prenzlow, got a pretty good spot one row behind the front, too. Oh yeah this guy was there:
I wonder if that’s the look he gave Jan…

The race was fast, electric and animated. It was everything I’d hoped to see. Some of the best riders in the world as well as a few people in the pack to cheer for. Plus, is Vegas really Vegas without this guy?
That’s what Im talk’n bought!

Well, the drive home wasn’t nearly as exciting, but we both managed to get into the office at 8 the next morning.

It was a really bad idea and a complete success.


2 Responses to “CrossVegas”

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  2. I need a huge favor. Please send me the photo of lance at the starting line looking… that is me in the background.. I would love to print it and put it on my desk. I will send you a free saddle bag for
    let me know!! thanks so much… you can email me from the site or just email me sam@

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