If I Can’t Overdo It, I’m Not Doing It… or… Ouch, my Legs! I Feel Like Nancy Kerrigan!…

Both seem appropriate at the moment…
So last week I thought I should start introducing a running regimen in to my training ’cause I felt slow on the run-ups at Muck. Generally in life, I don’t run. I always thought it might turn me tri… heh, heh.
But for Cross, well, it seemed acceptable for the greater good. Gotta break some eggs, eh.

Instead of starting out easy for a few weeks on flat surface, I ran as hard as I could down and then back up the trail from the glider port to Blacks Beach twice, non stop so that I couldn’t even see straight. That was last Friday. By Saturday, I could barely touch my quads because they were so tender.

But I figured out a really good way to help them recover:

Well, that oughta take care of it…

The Nate Harrison Grade up Palomar mountain is about 11 miles with around 4700 feet of climbing up a dirt road to the lookout tower pretty much had me in the red for the entire time. It’s a great ride and I’m allready thinking about when I’ll do it again.

Yeah, I’m feel’n good now.


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