Suffered… Like… A Dog.

SCPS #2 – Psychocross – Elite Men 1/2/3

Originally uploaded by daveanddino

Tried my hand in the Open Elite race at SCPS #2 to see how it compared to the 35+ Elite category. My start was a gazillion times better than at Muck and I thought my remounts were getting down-right fair.

But it did me no good…

Now I just need to find a little extra power. Or maybe a lot.

My bike handling skills were great compared to a lot of the roadie guys out there and I was taking the turns like a champ. Only to watch them ride away from me on the straightaways while I chocked on their dusty dry plumes and cursed their heartless souls.

It’s a special feeling when your whole body is screaming but you push it a little harder and find you can pull out just that little bit more to get you up there. Contrarily, it’s an especially bad feeling when your whole body is screaming and you push it just a little bit more only to blow a seal and find there just isn’t any more in there.

Well, on to plan B then…

Time to maintain my spot, damage control. Not quite as heroic as coming from the back to win a race, but at least it keeps ya in the points (1 point, in this case, I think).

I ended up 15th out of 32. Not too bad for “coming out of retirement” about 6 months ago, but it was no “Lance at Vegas”, either.

Next stop, sandy beaches.


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