Like Butter… Without the Cream.

That’s how I would describe my technique riding in the sand at Storm the Beach this weekend. Seriously, it’s a super cool venue that you can’t not do, but golly, I’m glad there’s just one. And that’s why you gotta do it. Because it is what it is. Does that make sense? Who cares.

The third race of our SoCal cross series was 4km of mostly flat, fast, non-technical crit-like fury. With a giant sand box thrown in for spite at the end of each succulent slice of goodness.

I felt my starts had really developed into one of my weakest areas based on the last couple races, so that’s what I have been working on. And running in the sand once a week (which only confirmed why I got in to cycling and not running, ahem). I felt like I seriously came off that start line like I was in a BMX race. Clip in was pretty smooth. Front wheel off the ground. 53×19 spun out. Shift up. Shift up. Shift up. Look behind me and theres a gap. Now this is a scenario I like. Ease up a little, the guys I expect to see are there, not far off. Not too much though, no need for everyone to regroup.

4 or 5 of us now, we haven’t hit the sand yet and the pace is mod fast, just fast enough to keep things a little broken. Turn, accelerate, tail wind, shift up. Turn back into the wind shift down, ease up, let a couple pass and take a break. This feels so much better than chasing.

And then there was sand.

And that’s where my game turned south…

I had been running in the sand at the beach and felt mentally prepared for it. Riding in the sand however, proved a little different. Heh heh, yeah punk.

My sand technique is part flailing mixed with a whole lotta pansy thoughts like “ooh, salt water is bad for my bike, I’m gonna ride high up in the soft sand and let the suckers ride away from me down at the surf line.” (The quote must be read with an extremely sarcastic voice for accuracy.)

Seriously though, they just rode away from me in that heathen sand pit.

So this was the game for 4 laps: Hit the sand- losetimelosetimelosetime, get back on dirt-claw claw claw back up, then hit sand-losetimelosetimelosetime until by the end of the 4th lap I really had to struggle to just keep them in sight. Which by this time was just two guys.

Then we hit that f&%$ing sand again.

Bye bye.

While 3rd was a little disappointing to be honest, a lot of things came out of this race which made me feel pretty confident I’m improving. 1) the venue is rad , 2) I finally had a good start, 3) I felt pretty good besides the sand, and 4) On top of the race, I had baby duty all weekend with The Sprout because The Professor had a conference and now I have a bunch of brownie points ready to burn-baby-burn. Y’all know what I’m talk’n ’bout.


2 Responses to “Like Butter… Without the Cream.”

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