I Shed a Tear


Originally uploaded by Ben Love

When I see my daughter all dressed up. Again, more proof that absolute cuteness sways absolutely. She asked to wear the apron and then selected the Park pedal wrench, a good choice for swinging around the garage, I think.
Of course, Gordon at B and L had some advice for her: “Just be a mechanic for a few years, OK? Don’t become a lifer.” Sorta like that song, hmmm. “Papas don’t let your daughters grow up to be mechanics…” I think that’s how it gos.


3 Responses to “I Shed a Tear”

  1. Hey Ben, It’s kind of like when O wanted to have her own trainer for her bike. Dave made her one but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to set up in front of the t.v. and watch TDF DVDS. You can only imagine the size of Dave’s heart, then! Yeah, your gals will all be taking over the podium in a few years!

  2. Every household needs a mechanic.

  3. The line “absolute cuteness sways absolutely…” is that from absolute power corrupts absolutely? Anyways, she’s a cutie pie. Before you know it, she’ll be participating in bike races too.

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