Racing the Sick Out.

Sorry friends, this one’s kinda long.

So here’s how the last 7 days played out:

Raced hard at STB last Sunday and started to feel a little “off” by Tuesday. Just that little something that probably means you should hang easy for a day or two. But I couldn’t do that while the Santa Ana winds were blowing offshore. So I surfed instead, the first session probably in at least a month, maybe two. Which meant I had to work extra hard at it.

And surprise surprise. That little something was 102 degree fever by 5pm with sweat saturating my sheets each night all week. By Friday I was a little better and rode to work, trying to scrape together a little form for Spooky Cross on Saturday night. Saturday morning the fever seemed gone, but I could barely eat anything and was walking around all day with a headache and a subtle urge to vomit. The smart guy that I am, I figured the urge to vomit feeling would just sort of blend in with all the other fun feelings that come with an impending race and I’d be fine.

Time for some racing. It was the full family affair, with The Professor racing and massive coordination between the two of us to bring 5 bikes, two cars, and one Sprout (there’s a carbon footprint for ya) to the race in time for the Professor to race while I watched the Sprout, switch off baby duty, help teammates, chat with folks, unpack one car, repack the other and see the family off as my race didn’t start ’till 8pm. fuuuh.

At last the race. That vomity feeling had pretty much disapeared as the pre-race adrenaline began to work its magic. I had another good start, holding a spot somewhere around 3rd through the grass and into the crucial steep berm to sharp right up the steep loose bit where being in the back of the pack would surely have been my demise. A couple sections weren’t lit up well and were pretty sketchy at speed but we barreled through ’em at a good clip. Took it easy in the pavilion because I had lost track of how many people I watched slide out on the slick concrete during the races before mine. Follow that up with a fun little chicane-like bit and SWOOSH! Down I go. Almost getting run over by the guy behind me, it takes a second to get to my feet, but by then a train of 4 or 5 guys is barreling past me to catch the two guys I was with. I get back in the saddle and it’s time to chase back on. Pushing hard through the straight, I get on to the wheel of the chase group. Sitting in the back trying to recover is a nice place to contemplate the significant changes that can take place from small singular occurances.

A group of 5 of us were rolling. One team mate, ATV and DB’s bro were were both lookin good and we hung together for a few laps to chat about the good ol days. But time goes on and we went our separate ways except for the 29’er guy who was on me like flies. I pegged it on the flats to no avail, criminy. Pulled a gap on a couple turns and pegged it again. That did the trick. Except in one of the turns I heard a loud BRRRAP! and my front tire squirreled out on me, almost hit the deck again, shit. Didn’t roll it, tire’s still on there. what was that? Maybe something got jacked when I fell. Checking my frame looking around the bike, it all looks OK, wait a sec. I think there’s grass between my tuby and the rim. Geeze, I think I almost rolled my tire. A little nervous, now. Theres a really bad wreck with my name on it waiting for me. The game is called: “Which turn’s gonna roll my tire off the rim?”

Lucky for me, none. Though upon inspection today, I found grass all the way up under my base tape… Looks like all three layers of glue pulled right off the rim as it was shiny clean. Time to re-glue.

As for the end, I finished 3rd and considering all the factors, I’m pretty damn glad to have gotten that let alone just finish. The guys in front were riding really strong, too. They definitely left me no margin for error. And racing at night, it’s tits. Speaking of, i think i saw yours Dave.

Oh yeah. About being sick. So I weigh myself twice a day (Is that too much info?) to get an AM and PM weight and I generally see about a 3lb variation. So after taking the Sprout to Pipes Cafe for breakfast, I weighed myself (which I hadn’t done all week because I didn’t want to create needless worry about my health before the race…) to discover I was 9lbs UNDER my normal weight! AFTER breakfast. Thats about 6%, which is generally bad. There is only one place that kind of weight goes that quick and that would be to my friend Severe Dehydration. Gee, maybe that’s where the nausea and headache came from, so much was going on, I just kinda didn’t think about it. Glad it was a night race and a cool night at that. I’m usually pretty obsessive about my fluid consumption, but I just couldn’t keep up. Well, 4 L of Pedialyte later and I’m feeling so much better. I think Pedialyte might be my new secret weapon.


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