Having missed the last 3 races, what with mechanicals, sickness, and the final mortal blow of food poisoning, I’ve now missed as many races as I’ve raced. This being the first week “back” so to speak, I have definately noticed a little decline in my high end. It’s there, it just dosn’t last long.

I blew off the first two weeks (fever followed by cold and bad cough) as tapering, only to be hit with the death blow of food poisoning from bad salami. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere but I haven’t found the punchline yet. That knocked out two races in one weekend. Plus I learned that when you have been coughing all week and have a sore throat, vomiting is less pleasant than usual. Rudys in New HavenAnyone remember putting iodine on cuts?

Lucky me, there’s two weeks time (one week now, I guess) ’till the next cross race, which turns out to be the district championships. Having dropped down to 6th in the overall, I’ll get to scrum a bit for the start. I still haven’t put a “cross race effort” in for severall weeks. Got the intensity up a bit this week, now just need the duration. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see how I respond this weekend out on the road.


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