Recovery Update

I had an encouraging update yesterday. Dr Cooperman, who apparently reduced my arm Saturday (I didn’t recognize him at all), said my bones went back in place very well. He checked my range of motion at the time and it was good. Also, since I didn’t brake any bones, I can probably go to a smaller removable cast next week and start working on my range of motion by trying to move my arm a few times a day by mid next week. I shouldn’t have to be very worried about accidentally dislocating it again – as long as I can get the swelling down. That was the one thing he didn’t like. My arm looked like a big sausage when they took the cast off. Guess I was spending too much time on my feet. He was adamant that I get the swelling down by elevating and icing.

I decided to get a little more proactive with the swelling, because if that’s what’s holding me back, I intend to make it go away. I filled our sink with ice water, carefully unwrapped my arm and put it in. Yow! that stings! I set the kitchen timer for ten minutes and kept my arm submerged until the bell went off. It was an odd sensation of stinging pain, almost like burning, mixed with an aching relief. Sort of like a strong spicy soup that is not so pleasant in flavor but is so enticing, you can’t really stop eating it.

My arm felt so much better afterwards. My fingers even looked like fingers again. The swelling stayed down pretty well, too. I hope to repeat the icing once or twice a day until I see Cooperman again next week.

I have a couple good referrals for orthopedic surgeons, but I was pretty happy with Cooperman. I like that he is familiar with my case and he seemed very aware of me as a patient, my behavior, noticing how I tried moving my arm as soon as they took off the cast  while I didn’t think they were watching.

I was very encouraged to hear the details of my situation and to get some direction for recovery. At least I have some starting point to work with now which is more comforting than the nebulous idea of “6 weeks” without any idea of what would be going on in-between those 6 weeks.


One Response to “Recovery Update”

  1. chu man foo Says:

    Bro – looks like things are getting better – probably not quick enough but it looks like there’s progress.

    While I’m reading this I’m imagining you trying to type with that club stub thing keeping you straight-arm’s distance from the keyboard. Sorry, but I’m a visual person and that picture in my head is grimly entertaining.

    Get well soon – hope to see back in the saddle again soon.

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