Elbow: Before and After

Dislocated left elbowAfter Reduction

So above is my dislocated elbow on the left compared to my elbow after the reduction. They look a little different, eh?

It’s been about 1.5 weeks and my arm is feeling much better. though that is a bit relative. I had my 2nd follow up today. They took another set of x-rays to make sure everything was still in place. From the new angle, it turns out I fractured my elbow, as well as dislocating it. A small hairline fracture on the radius, I believe. It’s very minor and doesn’t change the handling of my arm, bonus.

I can leave my cast off to let my arm hang free or just loose in a sling and I can start working on some range-of-motion (rom, too damn hard to re-type with one hand). At the moment my rom is about 40 degrees, or less than half of the rom compared to my right arm. I have to perform rom multiple times a day to train my tendons which direction they need to pull so they heal properly. It is uncomfortable, especially trying to straighten.

Next week, I hope to try riding a stationary trainer just to get a little eccersise. Happy T-day.


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