“Mountain Bike!”

From William Nealy's book "Mountain Bike!"

From William Nealy's book "Mountain Bike!"

I’ve been pretty busy lately, even with the bad arm and all. But I think I’ve just about drained the “Watch it Now” function on Netflix and had to resort to reading again… Which brings me to one of my all-time cycling related fav’s: Mountain Bike! by William Nealy (RIP). Every time I flip through this thing, I find some little nugget. The book itself reminds me of The Karate Kid, sort of the wax on!…wax off! method of learning, perhaps.  The book is pretty dated now, with fully rigid bikes, steel frames, and cantilever brakes. Oh wait, that’s cyclocross. What’s old is new again my friends and a lot of the techniques described in this book would do a few of those roadies turned crossers some good. Need an example? Fine:

“If you find yourself among a bunch of  New Age Kooks, a skull-cap hastily constructed from aluminum foil will give the rider some protection from geek-wave radiation.”

Sage advice my friends, sage advice.


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