My club, I mean arm….

Just a little update on that left elbow iritation from a few weeks ago. Mainly, it’ s getting a lot better. I’ve started riding a bike on a stationary trainer in my garage. I can do about 30 minutes at a time. I’m not sure if it’s the pain in my arm or my loathing despise for riding a trainer (I swore I would never bring myself such misery again if I started racing again…), but either way, I do feel better after spinning a little.

There are some mellow B or C races coming up in January, and if I can support myself on the bike, I may giv’em a try. My form will be shit but who cares, I can blame my arm, maybe I could even race with my sling on so people would think I was totally bad-ass even though I came in last.  Yeah, that would be punk rock.

In the meantime, I’m glad I can touch my face with my left hand again, something I couldn’t even come close to a couple weeks ago. touching my shoulder is the next goal, but I’m still a couple brutal inches away. Oh wait, Ijust tried again after typing that last line and I can!!! woo hoo! I’ve been trying that for a week. Fucking hurt, though, but I’m there.


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