Icky Kittens

I haven’t posted in a bit. Got kinda tired of writing that my arm was still broke and then trying to come up with some philisophical reason for why that was OK…

But the damn thing seems to be working again. So I guess it’s time for an update. I started riding again this week. Not just on a stationary, but a real road. And it felt damn odd. If you’ve ever lived anywhere that gets cold in the winter, you probably have some idea. Like when you spend a month riding nothing but stationary bikes in the basement while February takes it’s sweet time turning to March and then when you get on the road, you wobble around all willy nilly cause your not used to your bike not being bolted to something fixed in position.

But that’s OK, I’ll take it. Sign me up. The arm gets a bit stiff afterwords and it’s still a bit hard to support my wieght on my cross bike. I’ve found the mtb is a little better because it’s a little more upright and the suspension actually relieves a lot of the jarring which still hurts a bit. But each time it gets a little better. I’m still pretty much just piss and vinegar though as my body dosn’t really do what it did before the wreck. I get worn out pretty fast. But since I know my abilities mentaly, it’s just a mattter of time and a bit of effort to get back. It’s not like I took 4 years off or anything. Oh wait, that was last year…

But seriously, I really believe breaking mental bariers in training is harder than  breaking physical bariers. If you tell yourself you can’t possibly go any faster, the last thing your mind wants to do is prove itself wrong. But if you can prove it wrong and break through into a level of suffering (er, I mean performance) you hadn’t thought possible, it clicks. And once those mental bariers have been overcome, they seem to stay that way. Then it’s just a matter of making your body catch up. I have rarely found it to be the other way around. I guess at some point you did have to be pretty fit to put yourself in that scenario, but once you do, it’s a lot easier to get it back later.

Ah, my sweet sweet soapbox. It’s all about who can crave the suffering the hardest…

So anyhoo, I hope to hit up a couple races starting about two weeks from now. I don’t intend to compete for a top finish or anything, just sweat a little and maybe try to get some form back.

Oh, the title? Icky Kittens? Pretty random actually, I had to call it something. Enjoy.


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