My Pit Crew

Maybe I should try to find a pit crew who can reach the tools without standing on the toolbox. But she is good with a hex wrench.

My arm is feeling much better. well enough that I agreed to race the 12 Hours of Temecula this coming weekend. What better way to ease my way back into racing than with my very first endurance mountain bike race? Having always wanted to do one but never getting the chance for one reason or another (a. broken hand… b. broken team… c. just plain broke…), I jumped at the opportunity. Plus, I really like the guys who are planned for our 4-man team and the theme seems to be more about fun than winning, so I think it will be a good time even if my fitness is still a bit off.

Training? That’s funny. I have been getting in the gym 3 or 4 times a week after the Sprout goes to bed. Just turn up Metallica, put my head down and do my business. I like to get in and out of there nice and quick. Pretty much all legs and core stuff. About the only upper body workout is when I hold the handles to do leg extensions or something. Even that still makes my arm a bit stiff, so I tell myself it counts as rehab.

I’ve been surfing, too.

The latest swell has been much appreciated by just about EVERYONE in SoCal based on the number of people in the lineup. Surfing actually makes my arm more sore than bike riding. I think it uses some muscles that are currently very atrophied. Yep, it counts as rehab, too.

Best of all, I feel sane again. Well, at least Im less insane than while I was incapacitated.


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