12 Hours of Temecula

Me, DB, MB, and ATV took on the 12 hrs of Temecula on Saturday. It was my first race since that fucking tumbleweed took out our paceline and put me out of commission for a while. Just for the record, I ran over a tumbleweed with my car the other day and it felt damn good. But I don’t want to get all bitter ’bout the past.
Our pit
I woke up at the crack and DB picked me up. We got to Vail Lake and grabbed a spot near the transition area before it was all gone. Sort of peeing on our own tree with a big pile of “stuff”. Threw up the pop-up tent and I brought more equipment while DB got us signed in. I brought way too much stuff, but I kinda expected that. Having never done one of these races before, I expected to overdo it a little. the one thing I would have liked to have, though was a table. Next time.
It was a great venue. The trails were fun and because it had rained before the race, we had some of the finest dirt you could hope for. Hero dirt, you could do no wrong.

I got to start for our team in the 4 person open devision. A big crowd had allready lined up by the time I got there, but I pushed into the second row just behind some old guy.
Tinker Juarez
Tinker something-or-other. Anyway, I was sure I could just zip around him…
I was pretty nervous about the start. It was my first race back and the last thing I wanted was to have a mass start with a bunch of mountain bikers on a wet paved road for the parade lap. But some times you just gotta nut up.
I slipped my clip-in a little because I was using new shoes but managed to get in and fight back up to the top 10 before the first wright hand turn. I guess those fast starts in cross helped a bit.
My first lap started fast, but ended up just so so, with flat legs and a flat tire, I mustered a not so good 50 minute lap.
ATV pulled off a a great lap after mine. Like 41 minutes or something. And Both DB and MB and me after the 1st lap were also pulling consistent mid 40 minute laps.
Dreams come true at the Breyer Fantasy Camp...ATV chilln at the DB Fantasy Camp.

Dan's custom white shorts...DB putting on his “white shorts”

DPP_0002MB’s game face

The course was a bit over 9 miles/lap with a good mix of fun ridge-line singletrack, some tight switchbacks, good climbs, and fire roads to pass. With our mid 40 minute laps, we each had to ride about every 3.5 hours. It’s just enough time to get out of your dirty riding clothes, relax a bit and try to get some food in ya. Then, before you know it, it’s time to start suiting up again. The 3rd lap was the toughest as my stomach really wasn’t enjoying all the scientific food I was was eating. Gels, protein powder (the culprit, I believe), and some kind of chewy things that were actually very tasty. Lucky for me I was able to get myself in working order about 10 minutes before i had to go- er, I mean ride.

Our team ended up 3rd overall in the 4 person open catagory. I was pretty stoked about that. the other two teams ahead of us were damn fast, so I was fine knowing they were the only ones who beat us. I actually felt good knowing that was the caliber of team it took to beat us. Especially since we were there to have a good time and do a little racing while hanging out at a cool spot.

My arm was pretty stiff the next day, and my knees were a bit sore, too. A little too much too soon, perhaps, but it was absolutely worth it.


2 Responses to “12 Hours of Temecula”

  1. Hi – just a note to tell you that I stumbled over your blog at random looking for help with my !”¤%!!”#¤%& left elbow that I dislocated almost 3 weeks ago.

    I’m not much of a competitive cyclist but I’m used to commuting 2 hrs a day by bike, so I’m slowly going insane now. I’m on a stationary 30 min a day but that’s just a minimum so I don’t kill anyone.

    Anyway – I know just how you feel about thinking about that effing arm ALL THE TIME, and it was great to see that you’ve improved so fast and are actually up and racing again. Keep it up and good luck 🙂


    • bencycles Says:

      Thanks. Elbows look pretty funny when they’re dislocated, don’t they? I think the first 3 weeks were probably the worst. Once I could start being proactive in my recovery, it really helped. It still sucked, mind you, just less…
      I’ve been riding again for 2 or 3 weeks now, and the incident is already starting to seem like a distant memory. In the meantime, I recommend Netflix and Belgian ale.

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