Resurrecting Demons

Photo Dave Strom

Photo Dave Strom

It’s been a really long time since I did a tt. And even longer since I was in shape to do a tt, though whether I was in shape for this one is a little debatable… Nonetheless, damn. I forgot how much that hurts.  My philosophy is that to be a good time trialist, you have to be a tormented soul whose first love is pain and misery. OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but really, there is no where to hide in a tt and you gotta dig up whatever you can to keep those pedals turning over.

Thanks to everyone who helped set me up. Especially J. Considering I don’t even own a pair of clip on aerobars anymore, I certainly showed up in style, what with a Specialized tt bike, Zipp wheels, skin suit, aero helmet, at least I looked legit. Thanks J!

With the AToC coming next weekend, a few pros showed up and of course I got to be their rabbit. I was able to hold off all of ’em the first lap, but on lap two, that Fly V guy, Phil, flew by me. His was the winning time of the day and only 17 seconds off the course record in muddy wet conditions. The two Jelly Belly guys (woah, they looked like kids, man I must be getting old) also posted some fast times.

I was absolutely dead the rest of the day which is a good indicator I put in the correct effort. Until next time, Fiesta.


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