Fiesta Island Soul Searching

The face of calm serenity

Do time trials count as therapy? I guess turning Metallica up really loud during my warm up musta worked, ’cause I was 10 seconds faster.

The following text is lifted directly from an email I sent to a friend which sums it all up nicely. Why write the same thing twice? That would leave less time to train.

Look on my face? why, that’s my look of zen calmness… : ).
I took 10 seconds off the last tt with less aerodynamic equipment this time. Riding my own bike was a lot more comfortable than the one I borrowed last time, which I think made a difference. Now if I can just get a hold of one of those goofy aero helmets… I taped the aerobar pads directly to the handlebar because the clamps didn’t fit and were too wide anyway.

It was cool because a friend lent me his Zipp 404’s with a powertap hub. I don’t have $1000 lying around to go get one, and frankly I’m not sure I would want one if I could afford it, but it was fun to play with.

I’ve been getting my VO2 max and power tested for a sports drink study, so I was really curious to see how those results would compare to a “real world” situation. It turned out to be pretty dead-on. The watts I was able to maintaine for the tt were almost exactly where the study indicated I would be at about 105% LT. My relative VO2 is decent and my efficiency is pretty good but my max power isn’t super high (not too much of a surprise, flat sections [such as tt’s] are where I suffer most). It helped me hold back on the first lap and finish stronger at the end.


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