A Little Update.

So much has been going on in the UK and I’ve been rubbish about keeping up with it all. But chin up mate, I’ll throw some pics up and hope for the best. Cheers.

Cambridge University makes up the heart of the city. Kings College is nice enough, though the archetecture appears to be knock off to Yale… or was that the other way around?

Getting around by bike is the key to the city. If you want to drive, well, good luck. Here you can see I’m training hard. It’s a good mile and a half, round trip, to the pub and back.  Pubs are plentiful here and the food so far has been very good, but a bit heavy. mmmm

I live a few blocks from the Cambridge river. Along the river, other than pubs, are boat houses (on the far side) where teams keep there racing boats and train in the evening. Also the housboats on the near side where people live. I am curious to see what they look like on the inside.

I got my first experience driving on the wrong side of the road this weekend. I only almost killed myself a couple times. Roundabouts and left turns seem to be my week points, but overall, it hasn’t been so bad. I was really enjoying zipping around the twisty country roads until I filled up my tiny little car. 40 quid… Thats $60. Well, gas is $6/ gallon here. I better keep those rpm’s lower.

Tea anyone? Tea and biscuits seem as important as…

…The pints. This was a tasty example of local ale. This one actually reminded me of a mellow pale ale from the states. Most of the local ales, even the IPA’s are not nearly as hoppy as what we have in the states. Also the traditional ales tend to be room temp and are not  as carbonated as what we have in the states. It’s quite drinkable, of course.


2 Responses to “A Little Update.”

  1. What about Houffalize, man? I’ve been searching the results for you …. We missed you at SLR.

    • bencycles Says:

      I know I know. It was way to hectic around here to try and organize a trip to Belgium but the peak district was just a couple hour’s drive away. It’s a poor excuse, but it’s all I got…
      It looks like SLR was a big success.

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