Hail Storms and Suicidal Sheep in the Lakes District

this one is gonna be in parts ’cause it’s kinda long-winded, like me… I guess you’ll just have to come back to see the rest of it.

Part One

It was another wildly active weekend at the B-Love bachelor pad. Almost too much so, but then, not…

It started with a move. I was moving out from temp housing and into my permanent place on Friday, followed by a train ride Friday night up to Nuneaton where I would meet up with my friend Malcolm who would drive us up for a weekend trip of “walking” in the Lakes District, 6 hours from Cambridge. Sunday night, I’d be home again, ready to hit the trenches come Monday morning as if nothing ever happened.

Of course, this was preceded with a 12 mile time trial Thursday night, with an 8mile ride each way to the start/finish area. Needless to say, I didn’t do much prep or packing the night before my move, or the getaway. Well, that’s just my style, it seems.

Which brings up another random observation about the UK: all the pubs near my house close their kitchen at 9pm, so when a person returns, hungry from a good ride and a time trial, good luck finding some proper bangers and mash…

Friday started by learning I had no internet to finish coordinating the weekend since I was moving out of my temp place. That would have been fine if I’d planned ahead (see above). The move itself was pretty smooth as my final apartment was only two floors down from the temp one. The new apartment was great except for one little hitch. All the furniture was there as I’d expected, but no sheets, dishes, pots, pans, toilet paper…the kind of stuff that comes in handy when you rent a “fully furnished” apartment.

Right. Quick trip to the home furnishing store with a long list. I don’t have a car over here just yet, so I pushed the very full shopping cart back home from the store where it is still sitting with most of the contents, in my living room…

2pm Friday. Malcolm calls to let me know he will be ready to drive up to Nuneaton soon and was I packed and ready. Well, there was a pile of stuff I had loosely thrown in a corner of the new place, does that count as packed and ready?

Managed to get packed, futilely attempt a final call to the states, get in the taxi (which was 20 minutes late) and to the train terminal (geeze, trains are expensive here), narrowly avoided getting on the London train accidentally, and make the 2 hour train ride to meet Malcolm.Lakes District weekend I was only two hours late…


Part two

Packed loaded driving. We were on the way. I was already pretty beat from the move and the thought of driving 4 hours in the dark was not an exciting one. Good thing Malcolm makes good company, plus he always has a good selection of new music to get me back up to date while making the long drive.Lakes District weekend Most of my current playlists still borrow heavily from the music I got from him a few years ago.

As I learned last week, gas isn’t cheap here,  90 quid (about $140) to fill a VW? We get to Langdon around 10:30 pm, just in time to enjoy a couple Pints at the pub before last call. Lakes District weekendThe pub is amok in hikers, dogs, music, and lots of beer. The atmosphere a calm hectic swirl of satisfied hikers and climbers, buzzed with alcohol and content from their day. The air outside was cold.

Lakes District weekendWe set up camp in the dark, finding a spot, not so low as to collect pools of water if it rained and not so flat either because those were all claimed, but not bad, non-the-less. The wind had picked up and would stay that way through the night. I went to sleep with a warm buzz from the pub and full from gas station sandwiches.

Saturdays goal was to hike up to Scafell Pike, Englands highest point at just under 1000 meters. Lakes District weekendNot much height maybe, but starting from near sea level, there would still be a decent amount of altitude gain in the next 6-and-some-change miles.

In the morning we eat bacon sandwiches and pack for the day. Lakes District weekend
Our plans included substantial rain gear and heavy water proof boots with gators as the Lakes District is not well known for its dry, sunny climate. Lakes District weekendAs such, our final preparations are made with a light blustery drizzle and I start walking with the idea it might not let up for the next 13 miles.


2 Responses to “Hail Storms and Suicidal Sheep in the Lakes District”

  1. elewinnek Says:

    Is there still a shopping cart and unpacked stuff cluttering your living room?
    At least you will be listening to good music while you tidy up for the arrival of Sophie & me in two and a half weeks. And, maybe, you might also look into finding some non-pub, non-gas-station sources of substinence. Isn’t there Indian food, and Chinese food, and grocery stores that deliver? I don’t mean to overly mock you, Bachelor Ben, but I think I can’t resist mocking your descent into gender stereotype.

  2. bencycles Says:

    I’ve got a bag of salted peanuts on the table and a counter top covered in empty beer cans…

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