Hail Storms and Suicidal Sheep in the Lakes District-2nd Installment.

Part three The rain lets up and it gets hot less than a mile into our hike so we stop to remove some layers. The first mile is pan flat but turns up sharply at the end of the valley. We begin the ascent with a strong wind at our faces, or it seemed strong at the time. It was only a taste of the flavor ahead. Minor Threat going through my head as we climb up into the misty sky. Musta been all the black sheep around. If only there would have been more than one line, over and over. Can one reach a zen state with straight-edge lyrics? “we’re not the first, I hope we’re not the last…” repeat repeat repeat. It starts to rain again as we come to a small tarn. Lakes District weekendSuit up, eat something, start walking at an angle to counter the wind. Part Four All suffering should be this good. Really. Who has romanticized, contrived, and squeezed more beauty from the worst tasting lemon than the Brits? Plague kills millions? That’ll make a nice nursery rhyme for the children. I rest my case. We’re scrambling up the side of a rocky hill in a 70mph wind and being pummeled by hail. We’re arriving to huddle for space with 20 other hikers in the one little spot protected by that monster wind and rain and hail. On Monday, I’m going to walk back into an office like nothing ever happened. And frankly, that’s all part of what made it memorable. So how is that different from fight club? I don’t mean the fighting part, specifically, I mean the idea of it. Doing something outlandish and a little dangerous and maybe even a little dumb. And why is it the parts that don’t go according to plan are the memorable parts you tell your mates about? When everything goes according to plan, the only interesting part is whether you made the goal, and that’s often a short story.  But when things get messy, it’s the whole adventure leading up to that final goal and how you dealt with unexpected issues and how you got along with your companions and how you’ve changed from it that makes the story. The goal itself becomes a mere side note. Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend I guess that’s my long winded way of saying it was pretty awesome to get out and walk around the Lake district with Malcolm. I didn’t even mention the next day’s hike. I won’t bore you with more clichés, but here are some pics. It delivered all the goodness of the previous day, just with the added bonus of an actual view from the top. Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend Lakes District weekend word.


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