Chamrousse loop

If my memory is correct (which is dubious), this is a pretty accurate rendition of the loop I did on my 2nd day riding in France. this was my “recovery ride” after my 85 mile round trip to Alpe d’Huez the day before. Not much recovery to be found in those hills but it was a really fun loop. My route to Vizille was actually much less direct and required a significant amount of dirt roads… but I’m not even going to try and re-create that on google maps and my satnav is being aloof. The first part of the climb from Sechilienne to D111 is a narrow little road through a beautiful village and wooded area with zero traffic, a welcome change from Huez. the clouds of flies, on the other hand… there is a nice picnic grounds just before you get onto D111 and the road flattens out, giving you false hope that your at the top. Your not. Keep climbing, sucka, ’cause Chamrousse is still ahead, though on a bigger road with a bit more traffic. Get to the fire station at the top, pat yourself on the back, put your helmet on, and get ready for fun. I’m not the boldest descender in the world but the road going down was wide open and the turns were very flowing, allowing one the chance for some nice speed, save for one or two hairpins. There is a nice little village at the bottom where a grumpy Frenchman kicked me out of the shade for eating a pastry from the “other” deli. Better to buy your pastry and go eat it in the park, anyway. It’s a nice spin back into town where you can enjoy some wine or $6 beers, mmm. If you are a glutton for overdoing things, you should walk up to Fort de la Bastille in the sun without water after doing this ride (preferably before eating), just to make sure you are properly wrecked and sunburnt when you go to work the next day.


One Response to “Chamrousse loop”

  1. Sounds like my kinda loop! Excellent!! Thanks for sharing. Ltr, BP

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