Random Cambridge Stuff

I rode the Chain-Gang long route tonight. Almost 50 miles, counting to and fro, of fast echelon riding through narrow village roads. Damn fine, I say, damn fine. And now I just had a huge plate of pasta with 3 slices of bread, each slathered in a thick coating of nutela. Heaven. It stays light so long out here, we don’t start the ride until almost 7pm, do 50 miles, and I still have 2 hr daylight. Then it gets light again at 4am.

I’ve been waking up around 4:30 am because I have a hard time sleeping if I know there’s daylight. I go ride 30 miles and by that time, the rest of the fam is up and i can play with the baybay for a bit before I go to work. My coworkers think I’m kind of a nut. I just tell them that’s how we roll in Cali. They also comment near daily about my constant consumption of food. But with all the cakes and cookies that seem to flow through our break room, how can I not? Speaking of sweets, there is a lot to be had over here, geez, every aisle seems to have cookies, biscuits, kitkats, and tasty bready bits. that would all be fine if I had self control…

Let’s see, what else…

  • If someone wants to get you a snakebite and black, think first man, think first. And maybe you should just take a pass on going to “The Regal”.
  • I’ve found that it’s much more fun to use a thick Texas accent when talking to British people. They seem to get a kick out of it and it’s easier than my bad British accent.
  • If you try to call chips anything other than chips, you’re going to lose all your street cred. So get with the programme.
    Bring your own bike tools so you can work on your bike yourself. Getting work done at a shop around here can be kind of a pain sometimes (I knew I should have brought my own cassette lockring tool…).
  • The rail system in the UK is not cheap.
  • The beer is.
  • I have figured out that wearing a hooded sweatshirt over here has different and fairly negative connotations compared to SoCal. Some places won’t even let you in and people watch you out of the corner of their eye but won’t talk to you. I brought three of them…
  • The fruits and vegetables over here are very good. Even the cheap stuff from Asda often tastes better then what we get at Whole Foods. Yay for less gargantuan commercial agriculture!
  • Always bring a rain jacket. always.

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