Wrap it Up…

This video might not be for the epileptics among you. 6 months worth of photos in 3 and a half minutes. I think it’s around 5000 shots… Pretty well tells the whole story, in a nutshell.

Anyway, it’s time to wrap up the Euro stuff ’cause there’s been plenty of goings on along the home front. Hmmm, where to begin?

I made a really fun trip to Wales with Malcolm.

We lucked out with some great weather, at least on Saturday.

I really like road trips with Malcolm.

He’s pretty fun to sit in a car with, plus he always has a great stash of music. And to top it off, he can usually spot a good pub…

We camped in a field on someone’s farm, which is kind of normal in England. You just have to be careful where to park.
The first day we scrambled up Tryfan.
and then around the backside.
Which was a bit of a scramble. Very fun, but you didn’t want to let go.
Cantilever rock

Then we drove to Coed y Brenin for some fun mtb trails.
Coed Y Brenin

Great stuff.

…The very next weekend…

I was off for a whirlwind trip through Italy and Switzerland.
I stayed in a hostel in Sta Maria in Switzerland.
My hostel
Better keep your head downbike room
The rooms were pretty basic
Inside my hostel dorm.
but I think that was really part of the fun. Drinking wine I bought in Italy outside with Swiss and Austrian tourists, eating local cheese and eggs, and drinking the local beer. All fantastic.
All from the villageall made in the Swiss valley
I could sure go for a Bun Tschlin about nowBun Tschling

But geeze, I haven’t even mentioned the riding…

Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Stelvio loop.

Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Mortirolo and Gavia loop..

I guess I’ll just have to make this two parts so I can go into a little more detail about those two routes…

Until next time.


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