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Is it 2010 yet?

Posted in 1 on December 13, 2009 by bencycles

I still remember when people were hording duct tape and bottled water for the y2k doomsday that never was. That’s OK, I knew I was old when I was the one chasing kids down the street for knocking over MY mailbox. Full circle, eh? Ever since my return to the states, it seems like my cross form has been shit but the surf has been off the hook! Just good consistent swell each week. Been making it hard to train I guess…

Actually, I was pretty surprised at how bad my cross form was when I got back.  I guess grinding pedals through the alps for 10 hours at a time is a little different from 45 minutes of explosive bursts of speed every 10 seconds. Shoulda saw that coming, but I kinda thought I would just show up with my Euro Aura and dominate that shit. Heh heh, right.

The first couple races were kinda embarrassing. Like getting completely dropped by the entire field in the 1st half a lap sort of embarrassing. By the 3rd or 4th race, my head was starting to get back in, and then it was just a matter of retraining the legs to where now, I can at least scratch into the top 5 again if I’m feeling good. I really wanted to win one (well, more than one) this season, but 2nd was the best I could pull out.  Not quite the thunder I’d expected to show up with upon my return, but frankly I wouldn’t trade my experiences of the other side of the world in a heartbeat. That was a hell of a summer: )

One race left in the series and I’m just counting my blessings as I recall what it felt like this time last year with my broken arm (knocking on wood now). And I’m getting pretty excited about the 2010 season. Looks to be a lot of good mountain bike racing this summer, plus I’m registered for the Breck Epic in August, definitely a major goal for the year. I’m a bit nervous about how I’ll prep for the amount of saddle time this race represents, plus the altitude as I live at sea level now. But hey, I’ve got all those 10 hour rides from Europe in my legs. I’ll be just fine.

With thoughts of warm nights in Italy still fresh in my skull, I leave you with this: