More Changes

Besides trying to find a blog theme I like, I’ve been tinkering with my bike some more. I spend way too much time thinking about my gear. I’m such a gear dork. And I’m listening to Bauhaus which means I’m beyond hope…

Anyways… Gordon at B&L Bikes had replaced the stock triple on my new bike for the Sworks mtb double:
Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29

It was a big improvement from the wider stance of a triple because I find the narrower width to be more comfortable on longer rides. Plus I think doubles perform better in races and if the middle ring were just a little smaller I’d never need the…. blah blah blah.

The double is my holly grail, apparently.

The stock double set up on the crank was a 42 x 26. During the last couple races I found the 42 a little big for my skinny legs and I was spending the majority of the time in the last 3 gears of the cassette but then when I’d drop to the 26, I was loosing too much gear and would have to upshift a couple times to get my rhythm back.  I wanted to tighten up the range by reducing the size of my big ring. So I just got this put on:

Because the spider is replaceable on the Specialized crank,  Gordon was able to swap out the spider/ring assembly and set me up with XX rings in the 26X39 combo I crave. I’m running them on a 9spd drivetrain with a shifter/derailleur designed for a triple and, at least riding around the neighborhood, they shift really really well. Much smoother transition compared to the 26X42 combo. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend.


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