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Ill Timed Week

Posted in 1 on March 28, 2010 by bencycles

Todays race at Fontana was quite the disastrous bummer. I positioned myself well during the start and had good positioning going up the climb but only managed one lap before DNFing and spent the next hour violently coughing and cramping in my throat, which is very uncomfortable, I must say.

It all started last week, when I had to go to a 6 day science conference in San Francisco.

I saw some interesting presentations, checked out a few cool pubs/restaurants/sights and caught up with some colleagues I’d worked with back in England last summer. I was really enjoying the first few days but the last two days I was miserably sick. To whomever I was sitting near on the plane home: I offer my most sincere apologies for infecting you.

So on top of not riding all week (tapering…?) and messing up my sleep/diet routine (drinking…) and being sick, let’s just say I wasn’t feeling the A-game. Better to cut my losses now than have it linger into the next race.

In the meantime, here is stuff I’ve been up to.

Gotta work up some reactions before I can go ride, but it looks like I’m ready to pull off the coat and hit the trails.Trail conditions have been stellar.Gordon at B & L set up a cool Frankenstein shifter set up for me using some spare parts one of the other mechs had. So now I am running a trigger 9-speed rear and a gripshift front so I can run a XX front derailleur with my XX chainrings until I can get my hands on a proper trigger. So I’m running a 2X9 system with XX front rings and front Der. It works great, but it does feel strange twisting on the left and shooting on the right. But then again, I hear that’s the best way to twist…

I set up our baby trailer onto the back of the bike I bought for the Professor whilst I was in England. And with the Sprout’s bike in tow behind, the thing looks super dope.

I was tempted to move to San Francisco just for the food and the coffee…

But in the end, I’m still pretty happy right here in Encinitas…

Oh, and I’ve gotten a couple comments about my toolbox that I bring to the races. So I end it with this. The picture doesn’t do the fuzzy top and teddy bears justice.