More Bits

There haven’t been too many mtb races since the Whiskey 50 which has been a few weeks now. The two races I’d been planning for got canceled on account of snow. I thought this place was a desert. Oh well, good stuff abounds, nonetheless. Me and the Sprout have been having loads of good times. She turned 3 this year. I’m amazed I could keep another human being alive for so long! Who knew?

Well, I suppose my wife deserves a little credit. anyhoo…

We checked out the new climbing gym in San Diego.

We rearanged her toys...

I did her hair.

She even shared her toys to help me sleep.

I’ve been tinkering with the bike, too, of course. “Project lighten up” has been in full gear to the delight of my inner weight weenie. I replaced a bunch of steel bolts with Ti and Al bolts thanks to the ridiculously supportive gents at Bee and Elle Bikes. Thanks Gordon! I also got a set of Ashima steel rotors.

Yes yes, I'm one of those guys...

Ooh, they are 20g lighter than stock. mmmm, 20 g (and 40g lighter than Shimano! each!). OK OK, I know, but they were cheap, plus I needed a second set for when my new race wheels arrive, the last piece to complete my “project lighten up” – arriving any day now.  My new wheels will be sending me subliminal messages while I ride.

Ride Harder Ben!

I know I have issues… And since I haven’t had any races lately, I’ve been seeking out new ways to exhibit my total extremeness. And I think I’ve got it figured out.

3 or 4 of these a day help me keep my edgy grit.

and of course, a wholesome lunch.

Strangely, gorging on empty calories and saturated fat still doesn’t fill the emptiness I feel deep inside…

… but these rides have been doing the job quite nicely!

Viejas desert bitch and Super awesome cuyamaca route.

I did these with local fast guy, Brent Prenzlow. That dude is efficient, fast, and tenaciously smooth on a cross bike. He’s not much different on a mountain bike. Going out on long mtb rides with him is great. Really good training for me, for a variety of reasons. Plus, we get in, git er done, and get out. Knock out 60 miles on the mtb in the morning and hang with the fam fam the rest of the day. That’s the kind of stuff that helps keep my facebook status as “in a relationship”, if you know what I mean.

Hmmm, what else? Well, in addition to being a weight weenie, I’m also kind of a junky for old school mountain bikes, so I’ll leave you with this final pic. I saw this riding around at the Kenda Cup in Fontana. On the one hand, I would have killed to have this bike back in the day. On the other hand, I thank my lucky stars I’m not riding that bike nowadays!

Shred Rad!


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