Summer just keeps rolling on. It was beer pizza ice cream for a good week after Natz. Figured I’d slug myself up a bit before all this Breck action gets going. I could use a little body fat.
I’ve been trying to do a lot of non bike stuff now since cross starts up soon after Breck Epic. Like fix the dishwasher that’s been broken all year. I pulled out the old one from circa 1964 and put in a shiny new one. I didn’t electrocute myself and there’s no water on the floor. The damn thing seems to be working. Weird.

I could write about all the training for Breck Epic, but really, who wants to read that? My 3-year-old is more interesting.

We took the Squirt for a hike a couple weeks ago.


She packed a little backpack with her water and food and carebear. Then begged to go home the whole drive out.

“I just want to stay home! Please can we turn around?”

But within the first quarter mile, she was running up and down the trail. Sweet! The thought of having a hyper-active child excites me.

We saw a cool horned lizard.


and climbed some rocks. Might be time to get this kid a harness and pull the rack off the shelf.


Me and Squirt did some ‘cross training in the backyard.

I’ve been thinking about building a little pump track “for her” in the back yard, too. Maybe I should fix our fence first.

We took Squirt to the beach. I’ve been riding so much this year, I’ve barely gotten out to surf at all, so it’s great to go down with the Squirt and check the waves. Of course she wanted to dress herself.

Balboa Park down in San Diego:

Cool science museums and parks, plus I took the Squirt to her first IMAX movie. I think  the first half blew her away and then the second half it was more fun having me fold her up in the the movie chairs like a sardine.

OK, one fun training ride. Recently, BP and I did a really really fun loop up in the Cuyamaca area: OMG Loop. It felt great to get some cobwebs out of the legs with a rippin ride fest.

Mmmm dirt.

Left my gel chews in the hot car:

Got the bike out and tried it with a few Breck Epic mods.

Gordon at B & L Bikes changed a few things compared to how I race it at US Cup races: Big sturdy Captain Control tires, softened up the suspension a bit, 160 steel rotors front/back, and switched to a shorter stem. Those guys at the shop have been giving me and my bike the pro treatment all year, and my team, Celo Pacific has been really suportive as well. Thanks: it’s a huge help!

Pretty soon it’s off to CO. Can’t wait!


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