Breck Epic Stage 1 and 2

Stage 1: The Penn Creek Loop, was just under 40 miles with around 6000′ of climbing. It was a brutal first day for me. I had a really bad crash on a fast descent around mile 15, breaking my front shifter and leaving me dazed and confused for a bit while I walked back up the trail collecting my shifter parts, bottles, glasses, and anything else that got spread around. Fuck. That wasn’t how I’d planned to start this thing.
Stage 1.

With my chain stuck in the little ring the rest of the way I was left to pick through the remaining 34 miles. That’s fine, my body was shot anyway. I rolled a pretty pathetic time, just happy to have the first stage done and no broken bones.

The Organic Mechanic and Shimano have both been providing free labour for all the racers (THANKS!) and one of the guys at Organic Mechanic got a loaner shifter on my bike for the rest of the race.

Stage 2: The Colorado Trail Loop.

This is what I came for. 41 miles of fantastic single track with, all above 9,000′. Such a difference from the previous day. I took it super easy at the start and really didn’t make any hard efforts until we hit the first big climb around mile 15. Even then, because the climb was on fun single track, it was a blast and the pain wasn’t bad. This stage was just a great ride!

Stage 2.

Whoop whoop!


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