Breck Epic stage 5

Breck Epic stage 5.

I was on fire out there today! That was a really cool course, well except for that brutal 30 minute hike-a-bike above 12,000′. The view from atop Wheeler is really cool. And the descent down the other side? Just insane. Pacelined the veloway section of trail with the Swiss duo. Those two guys are really friendly and rippin fast. They were pinning it hard and I was just holding on the back for dear life. The final ~10 miles of 1-track back to Breck was super rooty and unforgiving. Awesome.

Yesterday, my body just kind of imploded and I lost a lot of time and a couple places on GC. today I felt fabulous! It’s strange how one day can be so bad and the very next so great.

A couple pics from the week:

what my left leg looked like after day 1.

Maybe my daughters bike will be a good spare? I might have to put the seat up a little.

My nieghbor moved to a condo, so my bike took his tent.

dinner time.

Cooling off in the stream behind camp after a tough stage.

I can’t believe there’s only one stage left. I’ve been here less than a week, but it feels like last week was months ago. It will be nice to get home and hang out with the Sprout again.


Just one more day to keep the rubber down and the thrills up! Then I’m off to my grandpa’s 90’th birthday party.  Then 20 hours of driving to get home. Good times abound.


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