Breck Epic Stage 6

Breck Epic stage 6.

Well, that’s it. Done.

Once again, I finally felt awesome on my bike. The last two stages I felt like I was racing and not just surviving. It was a pretty rad feeling to push that hard after four tough days and feel like I still had some gas in the tank.

Coming across the finish line for the last time was a weird feeling. Almost a let down in that I’d been preparing for and thinking about this race a very long time. Then I was immersed in it for a solid week with no other thoughts each day then the race and recovery for the next day. Then to come across the line that last day I realized that was it. Just like that, it was all over. I felt a bit hollow. What would I think about now? Next week I would be back at work and this all-encompassing beast would be a distant memory.

Ahh, but now I have this thing to remind me:

Damn straight.

The mileage and elevation I clocked on my Garmin was actually 226.5 miles and 36,276′. Still a pretty daunting set of figures for a mountain bike ride, much of which was above 10,000′ elevation.

the last view of the finish line:

Celebration time! those who know the Sprout understand:

The post-race awards and dinner were pretty nice:

The post-race raffle was huge: Something like 8 forks, 2 XTR groups, 2 XT groups, 2 frames, multiple wheelsets and 10,000 other prizes were given away. Now if only I had won something…

The Breck Epic was a fantastic event, if for no other reason than to have 6 days of well marked riding on a bunch of sweet singletrack in the Colorado rockies. And then to get to race with some remarkably fast riders and meet a really interesting group of people under the backdrop of some of the funnest trails around  made it a super experience.


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