California State Championships/Specialized Invitational Finals

That’s a great way to finish a season! 3rd place at state champs. My kid sure is eyeballing that top spot, though…

The race was on the Bonelli Park pro course and we did 5 laps of the roughly 4.2 mile course. Other than the terrible heat, the hardest part was keeping track of what lap I was on. Well, no, not really. Actually the hardest part was finishing that last lap, it was so f%$&ing hot out there, I really suffered. Thank God the brain forgets misery quickly.

Gordon at B&L Bikes worked some voodoo magic on my bike,  and with the help of a couple parts which I’d put in the category of stupid-light (I’m talking to you, alloy rotors), we managed to get my XL 29er to a svelte 20.07lbs. Sweet! The thing felt fast!

Sprout gave me her very first water hand-up during the race, too! I’m not sure which one of us was more excited. Her for feeding me or me for finding another willing pawn… I actually had to stop during the last lap of the race so she could take aim and throw water on me “to cool me down”.

Well, that’s it, mtb XC season is done for 2010. What a hell of a year. Now it’s time for cross.


One Response to “California State Championships/Specialized Invitational Finals”

  1. congrats on a killer season Ben! really looking for to CX… lets do this.

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