Cooking with Cross

This isn’t Belgium.  I don’t need embrocation. What I do need is a bottle cage. And ice.

We’ve had three straight weekends of cross now and every week before each race, it’s been cool, it’s been cloudy, it even rained. Splendid. Then Friday rolls around and like a slap across my face with an empty jar of Speculoos pâte, another Santa Anna blows through and cooks us all to bacon. Liv’n the dream in SoCal.

So, race reports race reports race reports:

Race 1: Irvine, 102°F, rolled front tire in first lap. “Well fuck, that wasn’t what I’d envisioned…” 10th place.

Race 2: Krosstoberfest #1, San Dimas, mid 80’s felt darn nice after the week before. My favorite course so far. Don’t let that muddy pic fool ya. Dry grassy course with a mud section from a broken sprinkler. the layout and flow of this course was great. A lackadaisical start on my part led to a little argy-bargy through the bunch to work my way back up. 3rd place.

Race 3: Krosstoberfest #2: Low 90’s was making it’s presence known. So was yesterdays exertions. The start of this one led us through a paved road going downhill with a decreasing radius turn into the dirt and a speedbump in the apex of the turn for good measure. I cooked myself good in the first 60 seconds of the race to get the hole shot…

…and was contemplating my life’s choices about 5 minutes later.

Had to ride backwards for a couple laps whilst I recovered and then pulled back up into 4th place.

Race 4: Chino, beautiful Chino. 97°F. What a weird freaking place. The venue was fine, but the juxtaposition of shiny new gated communities on one side of the road with enormous prisons in the background and cattle yards on the other side of the road is just odd. The race itself was good, though bumpy from all the gofer holes (SoCal’s substitution for mud…). I tried mixing up my style a bit to deliver a nice little pain fest with the group at the front. 3rd place.

The racing has been fun but one of my favorite parts about cross season is just hanging out with everyone. It’s one of the best parts. I can go to one of these things and see a ton of people I know from the mtb, from the road, from the industry, even from cross. And because each lap is short and sweet, it makes for great atmosphere. We might not have cross weather yet, but we certainly have the cross fun. I’m sure it’ll cool off by next weekend…


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