Even More Cross!

Every week another weekend comes. Strange, that. So much cross.

What’s better than dressing up for Halloween?
Halloween 2010

Dressing up for cross of course.

The Spooky Cross night race is one of my favorite courses of the whole season.  And while my form might have been pure shyte for my “real” race, I have to say my costume was fully legit for the costume race.

Have you ever tried racing cross with aero bars? It’s kinda hard…

Especially when you can’t see.

…but so much fun.

The next race was put on by my team, Celo Pacific. One of the best parts about getting the course ready is spending the night on the beach to “guard” the course the day before the race. It was a bit hectic getting us all packed. Well, mostly getting me packed. I swear my 3-year-old is more organized. Once we got out there, though, it was a lot of fun.

And while it was wet and muddy during set up

the course dried out the next day and was awesome for the race.

It’s one of my favorite courses of the season. I’ll admit I need to work on my cross skills a bit, but this race is a fast power course and my old roadie roots came in handy to help me win my race! Sweet!

Well, the very next weekend, I pretty much got my ass handed to me at Griffith Park up in LA. I guess some times you get roses and some times you get the shit kicked out of you…

My start was freaking awesome as evidenced by my sweet hole shot. Take that suckas!  But alas, it was not to be and I think by the second lap I was riding backwards.

Such is the yin and the yang of the zen crosser.

Next stop; Long Beach. Sweet bumpy Long Beach. I love this course. Fun, interesting, and so bumpy on the backside. I tried to make a move with 3 ta go but it was more like a slap with a damp washcloth than a crush with a hammer. It was good enough for 3rd on the day. A podium spot is a podium spot after all, and it was a fun day out.

Well, that leaves cross season more than half done. If I blink too long, another weekend will be here.


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