I think we were all supposed to have flying cars by now. Guess I’ll just keep riding my bike…

Cross season ended way way back in December and lemme tell ya, it ended with a bang. A big muddy bang.

It feels like only yesterday, maybe because I just pulled the bike down from the rafters and cleaned it up two days ago…

It was a great season and I ended up 2nd overall in the vet elite class. Finishing on the podium for the overalls was on my tic list this year, so: mission accomplished. The cross racing in SoCal has really been growing, thanks in large part to Dot’s hard work putting together the SoCal Prestige Series. What a year!

Between a full season of mtb racing and then jumping right into a full cross season, I was ready for a break from the action, at least of the number plate variety.

Drove to CO to hang with the fam for Christmas.

Did a little rock climbing in Jtree.

Hung out with the Sprout.

I even taught her some important life skills like rock skipping

and how to keep water out of your seals when you wash your bike…

Otherwise, it’s been pretty mellow. I don’t really go to the gym, not my cup-o- tea.  instead I surf, rock climb,yoga, a little trail running… all good workouts for mountain biking, and also fun. I’m a big fan of  fun.

Speaking of fun, I’ve started getting back on it, getting some good rides in, trying some new tires and stuff out, sinking even deeper into the world of the weight weeny with my 29er hardtail.

photo:Dan McCormack

photo:Dan McCormack


Good times.


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