Getting Ready

Another race season is approaching fast.  Gotta get the bike ready. What to do first?

Install the purple bolts, of course!

Bam! Purple is back, baby. Looks pretty good too.

Next, it was time (well beyond, in fact) to rebuild some pedals. Put the Sprout to bed, crack open a cold one, turn on some tunes, and rebuild some pedals. that’s a friday night at my house.

Then it was time to put some Ti bolts everywhere I could find a home, including the seatpost.

I dig my Raceface seatpost, the clamp mechanism is great, but its not very light. Those two steel bolts are heavy. So I swapped them for Ti. Yummy.

And then I figured Nessie could use new shoes

So I threw on a set of S-Works Renegades and called it a day. they were 502g each for 29″ on my scale. a little heavier than advertised but still ridiculously light. I raced (And won!, whoop whoop) on them a couple weeks ago in Fontana and they hooked up better than I expected. Better than the Small Block 8’s I used to run a couple seasons ago. The knobs are spaced far enough apart that they bite really well. I do think of these tires as use specific (race day) but I also think the Control version would be a great tire for longer rides/races like the Whiskey 50 or Julian Deathmarch where I would still want a fast rolling tire but would also appreciate the improved sidewall protection with minimal weight gain.

Whew, all that work. time for another cold one. These taste absolutely fabulous:

Besides trying all the brew, it was time to try some of the 2011 gear that has started coming in from B&L Bikes. The new Prevail Helmet is sweet.

It fits very similar to my previous Specialized helmet, but it’s lighter. And it’s black. Sweet. I was dubious about a black helmet at first, but it looks freak’n baller with the all black kit. I’m on it.

And of course, Big Daddy B was ready for some shoes of his own, too.

Party time.

And looking at the forecast for the first race of the U.S. Cup West at Lake Morena, that party could look more like a white Christmas than a Safari, but either way, I’m looking forward to it.


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